Technical Canyoneering Course - St. George Utah
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Technical Canyoneering

St. George, Utah

Technical Canyoneering Course

Technical Canyoneering builds the foundational skills required to safely descend canyons. This fundamental and comprehensive two-day course provides instruction for beginner to intermediate canyoneers. Upon completion of this course, you will have the knowledge and skill to safely descend canyons as a contributing member of the group.

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Topics Covered

• Knots, Bends and Hitches

• Canyon Rating System

• Communication, Ethics, Courtesy

• Canyoneering Gear Requirements

• Belays and Hand Lines

• Natural and Artificial Anchors

• Static and Contingency Riggings

• Rope Management

• Canyoneering Rappel Techniques

• Down Climbing Skills

• Introduction to Pothole Escape Methods

• Safety Checking and Basic Self-Rescue

Prerequisite: None

The Technical Canyoneering course is designed to quickly bring beginners up to speed and build on the skills intermediate canyoneers already possess. Learn what to do if someone gets their hair stuck (hint: the answer isn't cut the hair). Inspect and build anchors, rig ropes for different situations, lock off mid rappel, and much more.

All technical gear is provided. If borrowing gear isn’t your thing we offer a 10% discount on all personal gear for our students!

What our Students are Saying

"I had an awesome experience taking the Technical Canyoneering Course from Adventure Plus. I have been rappelling for years with friends and family and was a bit hesitant to take a "beginner course". I was so pleasantly surprised! After spending the weekend with TJ,  I discovered that I hadn't even begun to scratch the surface of what extremely useful knots, bends, hitches, rigging and anchors were available to me. I feel so much more confident and safe now while taking friends and family out canyoneering. I'm looking forward to taking the next 3 courses!"
- Russ G.

"I took a ACE level one course through Adventure Plus and it was awesome! Covered canyoneering from so many different aspects. Most importantly of all was safety and having fun. Met some great people and TJ was an awesome instructor who always had great advice and cool stories. Of course I took advantage of the discount they offered for students to grab a Critr and some other things."
- Sam L.

Course Includes

- 2 Days Outdoor Hands On Training

- Technical Gear Rental

- Certificate of Completion

- Discount to Purchase Your Own Gear!

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