On Rope Hoodoo SL
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On Rope Hoodoo SL

On Rope Hoodoo SL Canyoneering Rappel Device

The Hoodoo-SL was developed as a way to not only easily overcome extremely common variable friction requirements while canyoneering, but also to excel at the many basic and advanced needs of Canyoneers. With the enormous array of friction setting that can be added on the fly, the Hoodoo-SL will accommodate both the lightest and heaviest Canyoneers.

With the ability to apply or remove friction at any time throughout the rappel and adjust to your specific weight, rope diameter, fireman effect, and rigging becomes less of a burden. Functioning as a variable friction rappel device, plaquette, and releasable block allows intermediate and advanced users alike to utilize many available techniques to fit their specific canyon needs.

Tech Specs

Length: 4.88 in
Width: 3.7 in
Weight: 122 grams
Rope Size: 8.0 - 10.0 mm

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