Blade Fins
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Blade Fins

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Blade Fins

Atomic BladeFins have a moderately firm blade combined with unique structural engineering and materials to deliver more power, thrust and speed. The Power-Loop Monocoque structural frame design used in aircraft and Indy race cars is combined with the frame rail for maximum power transfer from every kick. Vertical strakes keep you tracking straight. Atomic “Wicked” style keeps you looking great.


PATENTED ATOMIC FIN FEATURES Atomic fin designs start with a radical approach to engineering and unique materials. But it doesn’t stop there. Every aspect of performance and convenience is considered. This resulted in our patented EZ-LOK Buckle System. Easily snap the buckle on and off with confidence that it will not release accidentally. Buckles rotate 180 degrees and straps adjust with a simple pull (US Patent No. 6,463,640). Rust-resistant Stainless Steel patented Spring Heel straps are available for all Atomic Fins and as a universal retrofit for most other brands.

WHY ATOMIC BLADEFINS ARE BETTER A paddle fin design is the best design for cruising through the water. Atomic BladeFins optimize power and thrust from our unconventional paddle fin design. Our unique structural engineering approach and foot pocket power plate creates a solid feeling and helps maximize kicking power. Vertical stabilizers (strakes) on fin tips keep the fin tracking straight up and down with every kick. Exclusive Atomic “Wicked” styling creates a distinctive look that perfectly complements the Atomic VENOM mask and SV Series snorkels.

FOOT POCKET POWER PLATE The Power-Loop Monocoque structure is connected to the sole plate (Power Plate) giving divers a solid feeling like the fin is “bolted” to the foot.

POWER-LOOP MONOCOQUE STRUCTURE The engineering term Monocoque means “singleshell” utilizing the external skin to support most of the load area while power is applied through the frame rails.

VERTICAL STABILIZERS Oversized stabilizers at fin tips keep the fin tracking straight up and down.

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