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Wild Country Pro Guide Lite

Wild Country Pro Guide Lite Belay

Our advanced belay tool demonstrates engineering excellence and this remarkably lightweight device has been trimmed of all excess. Its deep ribbed grooves handle a vast range of ropes from 7.7mm alpine cords upwards. Operated in ‘guide mode’, the pro guide lite is perfect for bringing up twin followers and locks perfectly with every fall.

With a larger ‘release slot’, suitable for a karabiner, the tool is simple to release under load. For use in mountain and crag environments by alpinists and adventure climbers, the Pro Guide Lite is ergonomic, smooth and simple to operate.


- New lightweight forging saves weight

- Guide mode compatible

- Karabiner release function

- Efficient breaking slots

- Flexible cable leash

- New oversize belay karabiner hole enables complete karabiner roatation.

Tech Specs

rope diameter: 7.7mm - 11.0mm

weight: 70g

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