On Rope Descent Canyoneering Rope Bag
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On Rope Descent Canyoneering Rope Bag

Descent Rope Bag

The "Descent" canyoneering specific rope bag was designed to easily manage your longer ropes, regardless of canyon conditions. Knowing first hand how quickly a canyon can wear out any and all gear, our bags are manufactured using materials that are capable of withstanding that excessive wear & tear and pure physical abuse common in canyoneering. Long lasting materials, embedded floatation and superb drainage capabilities combine to create a canyoneering specific rope bag that performs excellently under any conditions.

The "Descent" rope bags design allows it to fit easily with the rest of your gear during the approach and is managed easily while in canyon. Weighing in at just 18.7oz the "Descent" helps to reduce unnecessary weight, while still delivering the performance expected of a full featured canyoneering rope bag. With the most common canyoneering ropes ranging in size from 8mm - 9.2mm, a design was developed that would accommodate that range. 220' @ 9.2mm minimum was chosen to allow any canyoneer, regardless of rope preference, to utilize the bag. Inside the bag you will find tie-in points for each rope end, along with two handles sized to fit comfortably in your hands. The handles are meant to aid in stuffing the rope, and throwing the bag, while staying internal to avoid unnecessary clutter that can get caught up while working down canyon. Floatation embedded throughout the design keeps the rope on the surface so you can focus on grabbing your gear instead of working out a dive routine to the depths of a freezing pool. Although the floatation has worked excellently throughout testing, it is recommended that you test your floatation independently before throwing it blindly into a deep pot hole. The bulk of drainage is accomplished extremely fast through the 360° mesh layer while the grommets polish off any small traces of water that happen to get left in the base. You will never be slowed down waiting for that extra water to drain!


- Weight: 18.7oz

- Dimensions: 9" x 14"

- Handles: Double Internal

- Security: Triple Rope Tie-In Point

- Flotation: Embedded Throughout Design

- Capacity: Approximately 220' @ 9.2mm & 300' @ 8mm

- Carry: Molded Rubber Handle/Webbing Grab Strap/ Removable Shoulder Strap

- Drainage: Aggressive Coated Open Weave Mesh with Brass Grommets

- Manufacturing: Designed and Manufactured in the U.S.A.

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