Imlay Pot Shot 4
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Imlay Pot Shot 4

Pothole Escape Tool

Imlay Canyon Gear PotShots can save enormous wear and tear on your partner's pack. Rather than tossing that large, awkward, expensive and fragile pack, put some sand in a Pot Shot, tie a rope to it, and toss it past the interesting obstacle ahead.

The PotShot3 has reinforcing straps to prevent blowout. PotShots are designed to get the job done! They are just the right size for the underhanded toss, have strong webbing sewn around them, and a drawcord to hold the sand in. They work! Don't tear up your (partner's) pack; make the toss with your very own PotShot.

Tech Specs

Weight: 7 oz (200 g)

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