SealLine Discovery View Dry Bag
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SealLine Discovery View Dry Bag

Bulkhead View Dry Bag

Thanks to its transparent materials, it's easy to save time and energy by swiftly identifying contents in our waterproof Discovery View dry bag. The PurgeAir™ valve quickly vents trapped air for easy closing and packing, while the oval bottom helps keep the bag from rolling around, making the View a great option for any paddling trip.


PurgeAir™-equipped: Our unique and waterproof PurgeAir valve vents trapped air, helping the dry bag compress further after being sealed, and is both more durable and more reliably waterproof than waterproof/breathable fabric membranes.

Durably constructed: Fully welded seams result in stronger and more durably waterproof construction compared to sewn-and-taped seams.

Tight, simple sealing: Updated DrySeal™ roll-top closure makes it easier and more intuitive to achieve an optimal seal.

Stow-friendly: Made of durable materials that help the bag slide smoothly in and out of hatches.

Oval bottom: Stable shape won't easily roll around; it's also easy to store, stack, and pack.

PVC-Free: Materials have a reduced environmental impact over vinyl-coated materials.

Tech Specs

5 LTR Specs- Weight: 4.8 oz, Width: 4 in, Length: 7 in, Height: 10 in

10 LTR Specs- Weight: 7 oz, Width: 5 in, Length: 8.5 in, Height: 14.5 in

20 LTR Specs- Weight: 9.7 oz, Width: 6 in, Length: 10 in, Height: 21 in

30 LTR Specs- Weight: 12 oz, Width: 7 in, Length: 12 in, Height: 22 in


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