On Rope Sand-Wedge
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On Rope Sand-Wedge

On Rope Sand-Wedge

The Sand-Wedge is an update on retrievable sand anchor systems that allows rigging when traditional options are running low. With an abundance of sand and good placement the Sand-Wedge can be used as a retrievable ghosting anchor.


The front end rigging loop gets rid of messy hardware by providing a clean point for the rappel rope to connect.

Sturdy spine containing the pull guides are sewn to the body panels fully redundant with all critical stitching hidden from the outside were the bulk of abuse can take place.

Internal handles are hidden and out of the way when not in use, yet convenient to grab when transportation might be necessary.

The pull strand is doubled over and ran back towards the body to serve as abrasion protection, allowing it to take the abuse typically seen by the primary pull strand.

To help avoid excessive rope abuse/grooving a removable edge protector is included.

Edge protector is easily removed/replaced and is designed to leave no extra hardware on the body when not in use.

Made using genuine CORDURA® brand fabric.

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