On Rope Canyon Escape Bag
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On Rope Canyon Escape Bag

Canyon Escape Bag

Pothole escape, keeper avoidance, anchor in a pinch, accessory cord sack, or whatever creative scenario the canyon may throw at you where a heavy duty/rugged CORDURA® escape bag might prove useful. The On Rope Canyoneering “Escape Bag” was designed primary with pothole escape/avoidance in mind, but can certainly be useful on non-keeper days as well. Manufactured with 1000D ureathane coated CORDURA®, blowout reinforcement, internal/external tie points, tight closure, and low profile handles. Fill it with weight, toss it as a constriction/counterbalance, get your Batman on, and make forward progress.


CORDURA® The body of the Escape Bag is manufactured utilizing 1000D ureathane coated CORDURA® as the primary build material and allows the components as a whole a rugged base to build upon. On Rope Canyoneering is a CORDURA® brand affiliate and only purchases tested/certified CORDURA® fibers to use in our builds as a way to ensure high quality during each and every production run.

Blowout Bars The Escape Bag incorporates extra wide webbing “Blowout Bars” concentrated in the areas expecting to see the most stress during impact. The “Blowout Bars” were placed in key areas to help help slow the destruction and extend the useful life of the gear.

Attachement Tab The “Attachment Tab” located along the base of the Escape Bag is securely sewn to the body and allows carabiners to be clipped or ropes to be tied directly to the bag. Depending on your rigging demands, the “Attachment Tab” is available when needed, but relatively low key and out of the way when not in use.

Low Profile Handles Heavy one inch webbing encompass the bag and is eventually sewn doubled over to serve as low profile handles. These handles retain the high strength of the one inch webbing, while offering a bit of well placed rigidity and great hand feel for when your in the thick of it.

Side Seal Top Draw top closes tightly and is side sewn to minimize sand loss after landing a well placed throw. When landing a bag is critical.

Internal Tie in points Top and bottom tie in points allow the Escape Bag to be useful on days when traditional escape throws are minimal or not needed at all. Folding the draw top down over the body allows easy access to two very secure tie in points to be used in any manner you and the team feel fit.

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