PADI Open Water Diver Course - St George Utah
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PADI Open Water Diver
Scuba Certification

St. George, Utah

PADI Open Water Diver Course

Have you always wanted to explore the underwater world? The PADI Open Water Diver Course is your ticket to making that dream a reality! You'll learn everything from how to properly assemble your gear to practicing crucial underwater skills like buoyancy control and emergency procedures.

And let's not forget about the fun part - with a open water scuba certification in hand, you'll have the freedom to dive all around the world and create unforgettable memories beneath the surface. Exploring vibrant coral reefs, encountering colorful marine life, and experiencing weightlessness like never before.

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Learn How To

• Be a confident and skilled scuba diver

• Assemble and use scuba gear

• Manage your buoyancy

• Respectfully approach marine life

• Handle Emergency Procedures


• Able to swim 200 yards and tread/float for 10 min

• Medically fit for diving

• 10 years or older

Course Structure

Knowledge Development
PADI eLearning makes it easy to fit scuba lessons into a busy schedule. Learn about dive theory, equipment, safety procedures, and environmental awareness through online study. This portion of the class is completed before any in-water training and generally takes 8-10 hours.

Confined Water Dives
Practice various scuba skills in a pool under the guidance of a PADI professional dive instructor.

Open Water Dives
Apply what you've learned in real dive situations during four open water dives with your PADI instructor.


Scuba Kit
The scuba kit consists of regulators, dive computer, bcd, tank, and weights. This is the essential life support equipment that allows us to explore the underwater world. Top of the line scuba kit rental is included in your course, however it’s highly recommended to purchase your own kit so you can learn to dive in it.

While renting gear may seem like a convenient option, having your own equipment ensures a personalized and comfortable fit every time you dive. Owning your own gear allows you to familiarize yourself with every aspect of it, leading to increased confidence and proficiency in the water.

Personal Gear Kit
A scuba quality mask, fins, snorkel, and boots are required for the PADI Open Water Diver Course. Properly fitting personal gear is essential for a good experience underwater. Your course includes a $50 credit towards the purchase of your personal gear kit.

We have a great selection of gear and our knowledgeable staff is here to help answer any questions you may have and provide expert recommendations based on your specific needs.

Course Includes

• PADI Open Water Diver eLearning Course

• 2 Pool Sessions

• 4 Open Water Dives completed over two days

• PADI Open Water Diver Certification eCard

• Scuba Kit Rental

$50 Store Credit for Personal Gear Kit Purchase

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What our Students are Saying

"Great experience and simply great scuba diving training! TJ is an awesome instructor! He is very knowledgeable and has a lot of options to choose from. Very friendly atmosphere and a big store to cover most of your adventure needs! I highly recommend Adventure Plus to all! Thank you TJ!"
- Dustin J.

"Just finished our scuba certification! Great class with TJ and great gear in shop and knowledge of what we needed. Will definitely be grabbing more stuff for scuba and other adventures. "
- Madison G.

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