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The Advanced Canyoneering Course is designed to take you beyond the basics and prepare you for the unique challenges of advanced canyons. Escape potholes, safely navigate multi-pitch rappels, ascend ropes, and much more.

Cost: $ 395.00
The PADI Adventure Diver Course will greatly improve your skill as a scuba diver. Focus on the areas of diving you are interested in and learn new skills. Sign up today!

Cost: $ 175.00
Altitude Diver

Cost: $ 125.00
Boat Diver

Cost: $ 160.00
The Canyon Essentials (ACE-L3) Course is designed to prepare you for the unique challenges that come with leading a canyoneering group.

Cost: $ 395.00
The Canyon Rescue Course will prepare you to deal with canyoneering emergencies using the gear you already carry. Learn how to react when things don?t go according to plan.

Cost: $ 395.00
Deep Diver

Cost: $ 230.00
Digital Underwater Photographer

Cost: $ 160.00
Enriched Air Diver (Nitrox)

Cost: $ 200.00
Night Diver

Cost: $ 210.00
Peak Performance Buoyancy

Cost: $ 160.00
Learn to prevent and manage problems in the water, and become more confident in your skills as a diver. The PADI Rescue Diver course is both challenging and rewarding. Sign up today!

Cost: $ 275.00 - $ 350.00
Search and Recovery

Cost: $ 230.00
Whether this is your first experience canyoneering or you would like to improve and hone the canyoning skills you already possess, Technical Canyoneering is the class for you.

Cost: $ 395.00
Underwater Navigator

Cost: $ 210.00
Winter is here and lake has cooled off. We still offer knowledge development and pool training in the winter. The Open Water Diver Course is broken up into three sections, knowledge development, pool training, and open water check out dives. Our winter dive course allows you to get the knowledge development and pool training taken care. From there we can send you on vacation with a copy of your student record to be finished by another instructor on your trip. Another option would be to wait and finish the open water dives in the spring.

Cost: $ 299.00
Wreck Diver

Cost: $ 230.00
Learn to scuba dive in St George Utah. The PADI Open Water Diver Course is the world's most popular and widely recognized scuba course. Sign up today!

Cost: $ 349.00

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