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Canyoneering Courses
St George Utah

Technical Canyoneering Training

Learn Canyoneering with Adventure Plus

Canyoneering is an incredible adventure, and like most adventures, canyoneering comes with a unique set of challenges. Our canyoneering courses will teach you the skills and techniques necessary to safely explore the amazing places we call slot canyons.

Learn the Basics

Technical Canyoneering (ACE-L1)

Whether this is your first experience canyoneering or you're looking to improve the skills you already have, this course will prepare you to safely descend technical canyons as a contributing member of the group.

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Advance Your Canyoneering

Advanced Canyoneering (ACE-L2)

Advanced Canyoneering is designed to take you beyond the basics and prepare you for the unique challenges of advanced canyons. Escape potholes, safely navigate multi-pitch rappels, ascend ropes, and much more.

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Expand Your Skill Set

Canyon Essentials (ACE-L3)

Canyon Essentials are necessary to safely lead others in a canyoneering environment. Gain the confidence to take friends, family, kids, or anyone less experienced on your next canyoneering trip.

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Come to the Rescue

Canyon Rescue (ACE-L4)

Know how to react when things don’t go according to plan. Canyon Rescue will prepare you to deal with canyoneering emergencies using the gear you already carry.

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