Advanced Canyoneering Course - St. George Utah
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Advanced Canyoneering

St. George, Utah

Advanced Canyoneering Course

Advanced Canyoneering is designed to take you beyond the basics and prepare you for the unique challenges of advanced canyons. Escape potholes, safely navigate multi-pitch rappels, ascend ropes, and much more. By the end of this course you will possess all the fundamental skills necessary to tackle more difficult and technical canyons. This course also lays the foundation for the Canyon Leader and Canyon Rescue courses.

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Topics Covered

• Advanced Knots and Hitches

• Advanced Anchor Systems

• Traverse and Hand Lines

• Multi Pitch Rappels

• Guided Rappels

• Re-Directs and Deviations

• Ascending Methods and Transitions

• Converting from Rappelling to Ascending

• Pothole Escape Techniques

• Basic Mechanical Advantage

• Group Dynamics

Prerequisite Skills:

Build and inspect natural and artificial anchors, set and adjust friction, hands free lock off, personal tether use, soft starts, hard starts, static blocks, contingency blocks, meat anchors, partner assists and captures, fireman belay, knots: overhand, figure 8 on a bight, figure 8 follow through, figure 8 bend, alpine butterfly, double overhand, edk, square fisherman, double fisherman, girth hitch, clove hitch, prusik hitch, klemheist.

These skills and more are taught inTechnical Canyoneering (ACE-L1)

What our Students are Saying

"I took an ACE course through Adventure Plus and it was awesome! Covered canyoneering from so many different aspects. Most importantly of all was safety and having fun. Met some great people and TJ was an awesome instructor who always had great advice and cool stories. Of course I took advantage of the discount they offered for students to grab a Critr and some other things."
- Sam L.

"Took a canyoneering class from TJ and really enjoyed it! It was a great variety of in-class and hands on learning. TJ is very knowledgeable and has lot of experience. He did well at teaching concepts and made the class very fun!"
- Whitney D.

Course Includes

- 2 Days Outdoor Hands On Training

- Certificate of Completion

- Discount to Purchase Your Own Gear!

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